Proudly Made in the Philippines

Viajecito Splashkits™ are lovingly designed and assembled in our headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Our small and amazing all-women team works together with our factories to create colorful and unique products that aim to bring out positive energy! We hope you enjoy your Viajecitos as much as we enjoy creating them!

Made For Life

Viajecito products are splash-proof, and completely tarnish proof. Don't let the delicate finish fool you, Viajecito bags are sturdy, incredibly easy to clean, and definitely made for life.

Our Part For The Environment

♡ Our products are made of silicone, a heat-resistant non-toxic polymer. Silicone is 100% vegan, meaning none of its components are derived from animals.

♡ Fashion wastage is a huge issue. At Viajecito, we produce in small batch quantities and in limited color runs to reduce wastage. We have seasonal sample sales and warehouse sales in the Philippines to give our 'imperfectly perfect' items shoulders to rest on.

♡ During production, we try our best to upcycle any chance we get! Our Splashkit strap button holes are made of excess fabrics found in our studio. Do your straps have different colored button holes? That means they are upcycled!