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Herringbone Beach Tote

With its cool, and modern textured body, the Viajecito Herringbone Tote gives our classic tote an edge; literally!
The Viajecito beach totes are ultra durable and perfect for traveling, or fun days at the beach. Made with EVA foam rubber body, and interchangeable inner linings and straps, the Viajecito beach tote can be customized to your preference, making it the perfect carry-all. The Viajecito Tote comes in two sizes; Standard, and MIDI, and two textures; classic and herringbone.

Dimensions STANDARD:
  • Body: (L)15.7” x (W)5.5” x (H)11.8”
  • Straps: 24" (except Camel Yellow 27")
Dimensions MIDI:
  • Body: (L)13.3” x (W)4.7” x (H)11.4”
  • Straps: 24" (except Camel Yellow 27")